The way we think

'Inspiring Healthy Decisions' is by its nature grounded in measurable outcomes and actions, not just awareness. We start by looking at what behaviours we are trying to inspire in any particular stakeholder group or audience. What do we want them to think, feel, do or change? Then we set measurable goals for every channel and put the right metrics in place to track success.


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We take pride in delivering campaigns that inspire change, which is why we have developed our own measurement manifesto.

By placing greater emphasis on the measurement of outcomes instead of just outputs, we are better able to see how we've shifted attitudes and changed behaviour.

"When it comes to measurement, the team at Pegasus are helping to lead the way.

They understand the benefit of demonstrating the value of their work for clients and they ensure measurement is a fundamental part of what they do."

Barry Leggetter
Executive Director

International Association for Measurement
and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC)