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Our Core Values

We are committed to keeping Pegasus a healthy, happy place to work and as such we make sure that whilst celebrating individuality, we also look for people that share our common values. They are part of the Pegasus DNA:

  • Think Big

    see all the possibilities and make them happen

  • Be Fearless

    use your head but trust your heart

  • Have Spirit

    be passionate, be brilliant but most importantly be you

  • Stand Together

    be supportive, celebrate the highs - work through the lows

  • Make a Difference

    be part of the mission to inspire healthy decisions

This is Pegasus

We've built a new type of health communications consultancy. One that believes in a 'health first, sector second' approach. One that connects with every stakeholder. One that blends traditional, digital and social. One that creates all its content in-house. One that's transparent and measurable.

Why? Because health conversations are happening everywhere, all of the time. Every day we all make decisions that impact on the quality of our own, and often other people's, health. From the food we eat, the products we put on our skin, the medicines we take or the routines we create to prevent or manage illness. We might be a healthcare professional, a policy maker, a businessman, a patient, a parent or a combination of all these. We could be in a doctor's surgery, at home, in the gym or on the go. Whoever we are, wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, the ability to make healthy decisions, consciously or not, will benefit us as individuals and beyond.

This is a new approach to health communications. This is Pegasus.


All of our research, whether that's market data, media feedback, consumer insights, social media audits or user testing is filtered through our bespoke planning framework, Healthscapes®. Built around six key drivers that shape people's personal decision making in health, Healthscapes enables us to improve the depth of exploration and the quality of insights we generate, and forms the backbone of the Pegasus approach to insight generation and planning.

In addition to Healthscapes, we've also created the Pegasus Panel. A group of health experts, journalists, thought leaders and the public, through which we are able to test insights, strategies and ideas.

The Way We Think

'Inspiring Healthy Decisions' is by its nature grounded in measurable outcomes and actions, not just awareness. We start by looking at what behaviours we are trying to inspire in any particular stakeholder group or audience. What do we want them to think, feel, do or change? Then we set measurable goals for every channel and put the right metrics in place to track success.

In order to deliver campaigns with tangible outcomes, we build them around a simple three-stage approach;


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Some Of The Brands We Work With


Some Of The Companies We Work With


Who We Work With

Our approach means we work within many sectors, partnering with clients spanning prescription and OTC medicines, natural health products, health services, medical devices, healthy beauty, animal health and food.

Inspiring Healthy Decisions Prescription Medicines Consumer Health Products Healthy Services Healthy Beauty Food and Nutrition Not for Profit Animal Health Health Technology
Inspiring Healthy Decisions


A reward and benefits package that enables us to live well, enjoy life and maintain a positive balance between work and home. This includes flexible working, healthy grants, birthdays off and a packed social calendar where there is always sure to be a great turn out.

Working at Pegasus Working at Pegasus

Working At Pegasus

We believe Pegasus is a special place to work because our team is made up of a group of talented people that all share the same values. Our day-to-day teams blend people from every part of the communications mix, which is why we are just as likely to back a big thinker as we are to be delighted by a data lover. It's also why we do everything we can to ensure we help people flourish through our tailored programme, 'Live, Give, Grow'.

If your values align with ours and you think you'd make a great contribution towards helping us inspire healthy decisions, then we want to hear from you. Contact us at;

A Dave in the Life

Meet Dave. As well as telling you what it's like to work here, we thought we'd show you. In fact, we asked Dave to show you, literally. So we strapped a camera to Dave for 12 hours.

This is a 'Dave in the Life'.

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